The Hidden Hand

Belgarath's Return

Belgarath did feel some sadness upon leaving the party of his friends when they travelled to the Moonshae Islands and sending his sister Polgara to aid his friends.
He decided to stay in Baldur’s Gate and spend some time studying with Gilthen and discussing Arcane Knowledge and learning more about history and magical skills, at this time he decided he wanted to take on an adept and advertised locally, with one such woman called Nithander who showed some potential in the arcane skills.

He spent much time with her studying several hours a day, he developed his own skills further and started educating Nithander, while in baldur’s gate he became friendly with the local Thieve’s guild and in paticular a rogue called Sthiss. After helping Sthiss with a certain problem involving some local merchants and getting fair price for fur trading for the guild and some fierce buying, selling and street fighting, and saving Sthiss’s life with his sorcery skills, Belgarath was allowed a somewhat surprising and unusual move of membership to the Guild of Golden Fleece.
Over the time spent working with his new, but somewhat shady friends he has earnt much respect and friendship not to mention learning basic skills of the rogue and rogue style of skills and attack in melee. Belgarath has now been accepted as a member of the guild and has vowed to help his friends when he can and use his new friends in the hunt for Devlin and Diker Thain.

Conpleting his time and thanking Gilthen, he has now decided to return to his friends, and has been gathering information on their whereabouts ready to return, Nithander has been sent to meet Polgara and for the both of them to travel to Spellguard and helping with the rebuilding (Polgara’s paragon path Spellguard Wizard), Belgarath will take his place back his friends and continue the hunt for Devlin, Diker Thain and trying to thwart their plans of evilness.
Belgarath now returns a changed and wiser adventurer………



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