The Hidden Hand

sesion 41

first drafts of my book, title to be made

new chapter; A little Trouble

While the companies rested and decided on what was to be done about the ghoul remains in the rooms, there was a knock on their door while the group readied themselves for what might be another attack, Ginthan opened the door to what at first glance he though was a child. With a another closer look he realised this was not a child but a Halfling, a Halfling wearing a mismatch of cloths and armour though clearly not made or meant for him but suited his needs non the less, with a sling slung over his shoulder and a sword placed in a strange looking scabbard the Halfling looked almost humours. With a smirk across his face and some hesitation Ginthan began to question the Halfling.
“Yes can i help you ?” asked Ginthan
“Why yes i ‘am looking for a man by the name of Delamor and if you could spare a cup of tea with some food it would work wonders.” The little one said
“May i ask whose calling ?”
“You may ask and i may answer, may names trapspinger from the Derano Clan but most people call me trap.” Answered the young Derano clan member.
“Could you excuse me for a moment?” asked Ginthan staring at the Halfling in amazement at he’s forward motions.

The old man turned to the party inside and explained what the stranger at the door clamed, and ask if they wanted him to send the Derano Clan member away. The group after a few moments decided to let the Halfling inside and find out why he was sent. Trapspinger came inside and introduced himself to the group members and explained he was sent by his clan leader to help the adventures who once helped his clan in the past. After they decided that they should continue with their currant tasks. And leave two of the team mates to rest and recover in the care of the old man, the party choose to head for an inn to spend the night. Inside the inn it was full of people, trapspringer began to draw a crowd to him as he began to sing of times gone by. After though he managed to anger Athon after offing advise to help him with the women in the inn, Athons reaction managed to get him kicked out of the inn resulting in him spending the night in the a stable. While the rest of the group slept in there nice rooms.

The next morning the party choose to spilt up, Trap and Athon were paired up and were sent to the docks to gather information on the large crate with clock work machinery from the parties last visit. While Delamor and Garrad when to the high society area’s to gather information. while at the docks the two hero’s found the dock master who at first refused to help them. But after Athon greased his wheels as it were. Decided to help them and let them search the paper works for information. There were bits of paper all around the room they were searching until trap pointed out a pieces of paper that provide some information. The two learnt of a place know as the copper work shop. Delamor and Garrand wear also able to find out about the copper workshop and some more information on the clockwork machines. They also learnt about members of the flaming fist taking secrete notes to the tower know as the dark tower. And with some help though Garrad connections were able to gather information on times and places the guards meet up. The party regrouped in an inn and formed a plan. They planed was for trap to go and wait in the inn called the lathing star for the guards to meet up. When that guards decided witch one of them would deliver the letter to the tower, trap followed the guard though the city towards the gate. The rest of the companies were waiting in the woods outside the city, waiting for there target to come along so they could strike. While following the guard trap was almost seen but remind in the shadows long enoth for the guard to carry on moving but at a faster past. He then saw the guard talking to the gate guards and was then allowed to pass when trap walk to the gate the guards stopped him but trap was able to blag hes way though with some quick talking. As trap started walking in to the night he began to sing letting the others know that the guard was on his way.



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