The Hidden Hand

Session 10


This week saw the majority of the session taken up by an epic fight with a high vampire, Aradon details it more in his journal;

‘The room we entered would be described as decrepit luxury, with age and undead infection tainting what once would have been a great hall. Decorative urns lined the walls around a fine carpet that had had a noticeable layer of dust on it. In the centre, an decorative throne carved from stop and sat atop was who we now know to be Barthus, a vampire lord.

Keen to stifle any undead threat, Delamor was the first to enter the room and engage the vampire in one of our longer battles to date. The vampire lord fought hard and cast a sickening cloud of blood red mist that seemed to aid him in regeneration. As I realised more about this foe, it occurred to me that he needed some place to rest in order to regenerate his body, and Delamor made it his mission to find such a place.

As he was tuning the room inside out and myself and the others were trying to keep the lord busy, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Gregg turn on our wizard and strike at him with his axe. One look into his eye confirmed that he was being manipulated by the vampire, and fortunately he was able to shake it off. Athon fell under a similar affliction later on in the battle and needed my help to break free of the bond.

Belgarath informed us that we would have some company when he heard voices coming from down the corridor. He was able to stem the supply of re-enforcements with some well placed fire bursts down the corridor. Still the lord stood as we threw everything we could at him.

Eventually he fell after a nasty blow, and his body depleted into ash. By this time Delamor had found the evil beings resting place and saw to it that it would be unusable in future. With that we decided to rest up in the grand chamber, with our wizard able to lock the door under some kind of spell. It was comforting knowing that we would be safe to get some sleep.

Unsure as to whether it is day or night, we awoke to continue our journey through the catacombs. Exiting the room we carried on to what seemed like a church dedicated to Bane, something which Delamor was non to pleased about. I took a general look around as he proceeded to deface and generally break any holy symbol dedicated to bane he could find. Once he had gotten it out of his system we moved on to the next room.

I was about to step into the room myself, until Zyanne pointed out the hidden grates in the floor. She was able to open them and determine there was some kind of water based trap I this room and it appeared to be littered with pressure plates. We were doing well until I was unfortunate enough to trigger the mechanism. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I hear about that as gallons of water started to pour into the room and piles of bones started to animate in the corners of the room!

Fresh from a rest we were able to dispatch the animated skeletons quite quickly and turn off the water jets. Allowing us to wade to the door leading out and up. We are now sat in what seems to be the bottom of the Sceptre Tower and I’m growing uneasy thinking about what we might find here.’

Aradon Thrall

Memorable moments this session:

The EPIC 3 hour long battle against the vampire lord Barthus.



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