The Hidden Hand

Session 40

The heroic return to Baldur's Gate (hope we had boat insurance"

Behind a concealed and elaborately trapped door, set behind the throne of the Thieves guild lies a bare stone passage with a number of “interesting” features buried beneath the stonework. The corridor leads to a heavy but utilitarian door with no lock; anyone who got as far as this door wouldn’t be phased by anything as petty as simple tumblers and springs. Behind the door is s simple, stuffy looking study. The study is plain, especially compared to the ostentation of the hall it connects to, and the desks and shelves stacked high with ledgers and documents make it plain that this room is first and formost a room of business.

Behind the desk, organising stacks of paper, sits the lady known as Cat; her studiousness at odds with her public persona. In her hand is a sheet of low quality message paper, guild script scrawled messily over it.

“Garrad passed this through our Swordsmith Street safehouse?” she asks vaguely without looking up, still reading.

“Apparently”. The voice comes from a large man, unnoticeable until he speaks. He stands in the shadows between two bookcases, not so much hiding as seemingly part of the gloom itself. “Dropped off the note, asked after any news about that Diker chap, then headed out”

“Our Garrad is certainly……..enthusiastic in his writing” Cat says after another moment. “His use of punctuation especially…” a small wince as a particularly over emphasised description. “almost makes one wish the guild hadn’t gone to the cost of teaching him literacy.”

She puts the paper down on her desk, other hand going to massage her temples.

“You’ve read this”. She says; a flat statement. The letter had been delivered sealed with the heavy wax used to secure private documents with Garrad’s mark scrawled in place of a proper signet. That and some others had likewise been sealed in the heavy leather pouches the guild used for moving confidential messages, again with a heavy wax stamp enclosing it.

None of which would have been any obstacle for the man in the shadows. A simple grunt of assent is all that’s needed.

“Care to summarise for me” Cat asks, turning finally to look in the man’s direction.

“Sure. Where’d you get up to?”

“They’d just let that Devlin escape again and were back on the air ship we’d pointed them towards”

“Ahh, yes. They sighted Devlin’s ship heading back here to Balders Gate so they decided to persue, and they caught up with them just outside the city outskirts. By Garrad’s account, that crazy storm was caused by Devlin’s air ship, and it was that which caused their ship to crash into the docking platform”

“The “accident”…?” A raised eyebrow from Cat

“Can’t be traced to us at all. We’re clear” the man confirms. “Garrad’s description here is a bit….excitable here, but it seems that big brute Gregg and the sorcerer Polgara lost their minds or were possessed or something, and began attacking the crew. Some kind of storm elemental and wailing ghosts or zombies or wrights or something begin attacking as well and are really making work of the crew before that Paladin Delamore turns up with a friend in tow. Seems he’d been handily in the docking tower at the time”

“I don’t believe in coincidences, [i]especially[/i] convenient ones” Cat interjects

“I know” the man says, barest flicker of shadow giving the impression or raised hand “and I have Sallow Sal investigating that now. Anyway, they manage to drive off or kill the storm elemental, kill the ghosts and subdue Gregg and Polgara. All this time, the other air ship’s been hovering over this, but is sails away now.”

“Heading to Comryr” Cat says, gesturing at another stack of documents on her desk

“By all accounts” The man agrees “And Lord Brass seems to be mixed all up in it, right up to his eyebrows. He’s the one who pushed for the army to head out towards Cormyr anyway

“leaving those Flaming Fist hoodlums to run my city. Most likely into the ground” Cat frowns.

“A worrying development” the man confirms “We’re keeping our eyes on it. Anyway, they carry their two possessed friends over to Gilthin’s house, looking to get answers about whatever’s got them controlled, but they’re attacked by some shadows while they’re there, and no, I don’t know anything about [i]these[/i]shadows so don’t ask. That wizard Belgarath is already at Gilthin’s and between them they manage to fight the shadows off and come up with a plan to find more information. Garrad’s was to come to us, Not sure what the others are planning”

“He’s turned into such a reliable guild envoy for us, hasn’t he” Cat says contemplatively, leaning back in here chair. “He seems to be enjoying this adventuring life far too much though, I fear we’ve lost him from the guild. Still, we’ve gained a man in this Purple Eclipse company, and I have a feeling they’re going to be shaking a lot of Baldur’s Gate’s alliances and power blocs before they’re done. A more then even trade in the end”

“Probably a better place for the lad as well” The man says “His lack of enthusiasm for the job always left his talents going to waste”

“Where’s he now anyway” Cat asks

“Him and his old crew are doing a tour of all the guild friendly bars and dives. Kind of a welcome home tour. Assuming he doesn’t get himself shived, he should be reporting in again in a few days”

“good good” Cat says half distractedly, already moving onto another pile of documents “let him know I so look forward to his next report” a slight pause “but, maybe suggest to him less punctuation this time?”



Session 40

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