The Hidden Hand

Session 42

"House Clearing"

From the Chronicles of Athon Bewick

Looking back it seems that this was the beginning of the change between myself and Delamor,
it seemed like such a long time since Loudwater, when I’d accepted what I thought would be
a quick job guarding a transport. I had come into the Company of the Purple Eclipse after
it had been formed, a fact Delamor had reminded me of in the early days and now after
having been away it seems I was now a founder member. Only I wasn’t and never would be,
that was the nature of things, I had accepted it, it seemed Delamor hadn’t. I still
remember that last day I saw him, that last terrible blast of power, but at this point in
my story that was still in the future.

The tower we had ventured into had already thrown a couple of ugly surprises at us but we
had soon dispatched them. Delamor’s newest recruit, Glame and the Halfling Trapspringer
had supplanted our numbers whilst Gilthan tended to Polgara and Gregg. Breaking into the
next room we suddenly found ourselves in a very old library, the mustiness and smell of old
paper was palpable. We immediately began to search, I found some old historical tomes that
I thought I could sell, Glame found some arcane documents and Delamor delicately took a map
down from the wall. Moving into the next room we found a long dining table, but some of
the floor in a corner of the room had fallen away back into the room below. Trapspringer
wondered to the edge, something caught his eye and then the next thing we knew he jumped
in. We looked for him in the water when something else caught our eye, more ghouls moving
towards him, without thinking the rest of proceeded to jump and despatch them. Not overly
hard or difficult but as we were picking ourselves out of the water we suddenly realised
the parchments we had only just liberated were suddenly a sodden worthless mess.

The whole of the bottom floor was flooded, almost certainly as a result of the tower
subsiding into the earth. Delamor started to make noises about how this would make an
excellent base of operations for the Company in this area. We proceeded to move through
the tower, clearing and checking each room in turn without meeting resistance, obviously
this state of affairs could not last too long.

Moving to the next floor we found a chapel to the old god Ometh, something of a darker
deity, Delamor set about desanctifying it whilst the rest of us looked around, correctly
identifying the walls and doors if I recall correctly. The next room seemed like more of
an office, the desk had a simple enchantment on it and there lay various unsavoury blades,
probably in the service of Ometh, somebody picked them up, probably with the intention of
selling them. The next room was more interesting, not for what was in there but rather for
what wasn’t, all was left were the outlines of large objects that recently been removed.

The next floor yielded some bedrooms and some black robes, probably used by the clerics of
Ometh in service to their god. The next floor was much more interesting, obviously used by
whoever was in charge, a large opulent bed, extensive wardrobe, I remember thinking that
there were places in Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate would have been happy to sell these
clothes. Followed by a large bathroom with what looked to be the largest bath I had seen
up to that point, the urge to strip off my armour and bathe was almost overpowering. I
certainly didn’t keep myself to the high standards that Delamor seemed to. We moved
around, various members pocketing things, Trapspringer took a nice dress (maybe he could
have used it as a tent?)

I’d lost track of how many floors were in this tower as we duly trudged up another flight
of steps, except this time the door was locked, Trapspringer quickly picked the lock and
happily didn’t live up to his name (at least not at this stage). We had found what seemed
to be their vault, locked chests quickly yielded their treasure what there was of it, but
more interestingly, we found a secret door at the end of the room. We opened it and found
three circles of arcane symbols, I realised that these were teleport circles but walking
into one did not do anything, we would need some kind of keyword in order to activate them.

We retreated back to the vault room and decided to wait to see who would come through to
pick up the message that we had ‘delivered’. Nothing happened for a while, we covered it in two man shifts but nothing. A scratching noise on the roof suddenly aroused us, opening the secret door again the circles seemed to be exactly as they were. Call it a fit of pique or anger or something but standing in the circle I suddenly said the word “Ometh” and all of us suddenly winked out of existence and into another one.

We found ourselves in a room without a roof (what we would find to be the top of the tower), finding ourselves attacked by some of kind of spectral tendrils lashing out at us. A mocking female voice assailed us and lumbering skeleton creations advanced towards us. What followed was one on the most pitched fights I had yet encountered. This was also the time that Glame showed what he was really capable of as Anefcina (who had earlier mocked) suffered tremendously under his blows whilst both myself and Delamor fought almost back to back against the skeletons with Trapspringer backing up Glame.

We won, but not before Anefcina had made her escape through one of the teleport circles, panting and breathless, we paused for a moment before making our next move…



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