The Hidden Hand

Session 43

Dear Father,

I hope this letter finds you well and that you and His Royal Highness have had sufficient opportunity to catch up. It has only been a couple of weeks since I left you and already I am worried for our forces in the north and what awaits them.

Thane’s plot here in the east gets ever deeper. The Company of the Purple Eclipse finds itself marked as outlaws due to the evil machinations of Danzig Crowfellow or Crowfeather, I can never quite remember his name properly.

It appears that he and Count Brass have cut a deal of sorts with Thane or another middle man to help in the conquering of Balder’s Gate on the misassumption that they will be left alive and allowed to rule independently to their evil overlords.

I should attempt to catch you up on the happenings since I left. I know that others are sending their own reports in various formats so will try to pick up from where I believe the last report left off.

We found ourselves at the top of Anesina’s tower and while I was preparing a message for our troops in the north one of our newest members, Glame the Great happened upon another of Diker’s wax tablets which revealed to us significant information about the Balder’s Gate plot.

Unbeknownst to us Anesina had fully survived and made her way to the bottom of the tower where she encountered a somewhat less than alert Garad. Belgarath apparently having wondered off into the swamp to “see a man about a horse” whatever that means.

Anesina turned in a large Raven and flew away but, not before she had somehow summoned a Hydra and several ghoulish minions.

All the party but, one rushed down to intervene on Garad’s behalf , with only Trapspringer our other new member being distracted by something or other as his kind is sometimes known to do.

It was not by any means an easy battle and the details have since fled my mind. Suffice to say I survived and thankfully, so did the rest of the Company that was present.

We then shown again to the world how brilliant we can be at being somewhat inept as we made great effort to smuggle a member of the Flaming Fist into the city as our prisoner and once we had arrived discovered we had no real plans about what to do with him. After much debate we snuck him back out of the city and ended up bribing him to go away.

We then set-off to ambush a horrible little dwarf that we were unfortunately previously acquainted with called Zark. Seems he was making a delivery to a factory here in town and we suspected that he was helping Devlin.

The ambush as you may expect by now did not go well as Garad once again proved himself in Athon’s words the “worst rogue ever” and Athon himself while proclaiming this slipped on a log and alerted the caravan to his own presence.

Zark was accompanied by several duergar and a pack of winter wolves.

Things began in earnest and I purposely revealed my presence hoping to protect Athon and Garad while across the road Belgarath put his own plans in motion.

Trapspringer being a very important part of Belgarath plan’s proved that our luck had rubbed off on him when he bumped into a tree attempting to be stealthy.

Belgarath knocked Zark to the ground while the rest of us concentrated on the wolves and the duergar.

The battle was not going well and it was agreed by most that we needed to keep Zark alive for interrogation, a decision we would come to regret later on. But, none the less I went out of my way to ensure his survival.

It was at about his point when Trapspringer chose to make friends with the horse pulling the cart and removed it’s reins to make it more comfortable. Finally, free of the chains that bound it to its cruel duergar masters the horse celebrated by running away into the woods knocking both Trapspringer and Belgarath out.

At about the same time Garad was struck on the head by a tree limb that had been dislodged by some lightning.

Even outnumbering the last duergar did not help as we were all a mass of blood and Athon had to invoke the power of the Raven before finally felling our foe by throwing his longsword through his chest.

Let it never be said that the Company of the Purple Eclipse isn’t inventive.

After much debating, cleaning up of the battle site, resting, and interrogating Zark to no great effect we set off into the city to check out this factory.

Brilliant planning on the part of Athon and myself got us stealthily inside and into a locked room containing the prisoner Isben.

Although, as should have been expected given our luck on the day he wasn’t really a prisoner being quite content to build his toys.

Before I could beg his apologies and retreat the overseer stormed into the room and summoned three ghostly beings before revealing himself as a Wolf Lord.

The resulting battle was long and very arduous with many of us being possessed by ghosts at various points and attacking each other as well as the enemy in our confusion.

Thankfully, we eventually won the day with Athon again landing the killing blow. I wish I could remember more of the details to impart to you but, I have this terrible stuffed head and a fever coming on.

Hope all is well. Maybe when you write back you’ll share with me some of the history you seem to have with His Royal Highness.

Your ever loyal and loving son,




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