The Hidden Hand

Session 44

Down the stair we walked into the workshop floor facing us were a pair of room dividers which split us off from the other side.
Irsal produced a key and gave it to Athon, He proceeded to open the divider pulling it open a crack all he saw was darkness.
Athon opened the gap a little more and being curious Trapsprinner shoved past and walked into the group clangs of metal drop to the floor were heard from the other side.
Pulling the dividers open revealed 2 large Ogre sized robots and 2 small slender robots next to the clock they were to be packaged in and off course our little halfling routing through a box.
Athon questioned the gnome about what he was doing and what they were going to be used for. Athon wasn’t the rational I’ve seen him and offer to toast him if he didn’t give up the information.
Not taking to kindly to this Irsal raised his hands and spoke in an elvish tongue, I didn’t understand the words but Delamor raised his hands out in front of him asking Irsal to stop this but the command
had been given and the Ogre robots charged into Delamor and they knock Athon over.

I stepped in to try and deal with the 3 that had now surrounded Athon and with timed blows causing them to be blinded for a short period while we regrouped.
Delamor was not going to let our efforts getting in here be in vain but grabbing the little Gnome so he couldn’t escape.
The Group continued to damage the constructs, some parts started to fall off causing Irsal to get angry but yelled out in elvish again what I can only assume to be stop.
As they grinded to a halt, he did not want to harm us but he didn’t want what he called his children harm either.
After Irsal broken down his constructs so they wouldn’t be used if anyone came back. he headed out the front door and made our way over to the Cormyr embassy to get Irsal back to Marcember to put him to use with his unique talents.

At this time out night it was rare for guards to be patrolling in such a large number we had to split up and get back to the Cormyr embassy as soon as possible to reduce the chances of us getting caught.
I took to the roof after years in the circus I could scale a building and jump roof to roof like a feline.
After making most of the way there I took a stupid gamble which resulted in a few tiles crashing to the floor but I pulled myself up before anyone noticed me which was fortunate as some guards were moments away

We all met backup in the room where our transport stone was being kept safe I’d only used this once before it was a weird feeling being transported a large distance not my favourite mode of transports
I’d have to say. On returning to marcember we were greeted by a large audience of the purple eclipse members and by black and white, but it was to bad news also the undead and other creatures had joined
in the fight in the north.
Delamor composed a letter to who dealt with the kings matters explaining that he was to put Irsal to work and to give him all the materials he needed to create the constructs to fight and protect Cormyr.
We rested in the Guild house and returned back to Baldersgate in the morning.

With me and Trapsprinner being the least known within the group and not having our faces and names plastered about we decided we would go and find some costumes for the masquerade ball which was to happen in 5 days, the owner of the shop had a wide variety of clothing from the werewolf costume Delamor requested to the elegant dress for Athon. Having brought enough costumes to clothe us twice in case we needed a change.
We left the Cormyr embassy and walk across and down the street where delamor noticed that there were no guards outside of the waterdeep embassy, taking a peek inside to the corridor it looked as if the room had been repainted in blood we a guard lay slumped over in the corner he was clearly dead.
Delamor without thinking of his own safe shot across the room through the doors and down the corridor and took a right we all followed in pursuit.
I heard a door being smashed in the 5 whipping sounds and I saw delamor just stood in a daze while 5 beast approached him.
I darted past and with a dazing flurry of attacks fell them all leaving a shadowy figure lurking next to the desk and 3 bugs which took flight and sprayed the room with a choking mist.
Delamor came around and the orb glow bright only to be shrouded in darkness by the demon, unable to see trying to feel for where the demon was we had no success but the light started to break through the
darkness revealing the demon before we were blinded by the light of delamors orb shocking the demon back across the room.

With the Demon weakened it rouse the veil of darkness once again but I interpreted its movement intercepting it and cutting a deep hole.
The darkness fell once again and there lied a dead demon but the flying chasmes still causing problems among the other party members.
Belgaraph used his illumination spell to keep the chaemes lit up, taking the opportunity Trapspringer took a run and jump to grab one but dodging out the way left only one way the halfing could go, down
flat on his face.
Seeing that there leader was dead one of the Chasme flew towards the door and Athon teleported after it cutting it off at the door and burning it leaving to trace.
After being stabbed earlier by one of the Chasmes in the dark I started to feel drowsy and fell unconscious.
After being woken up with a boot to the side I look up seeing lightening bolts and Garad standing over my body before he eviscerated a chasme causing its guts fell in my face.



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