The Hidden Hand

Session 45/46

Dear Father,

It appears I’ve been a bit remiss in my recent reports to yourself and his majesty. Most likely one of the several blows to the head I took in our adventures caused me to leave some items out.

We had managed to save the Waterdeep embassy from some demons and prevented the deaths of Bowgentle and Yisselda. We then managed to provide them a place of safety which I can’t really go into for security reasons.

Afterwards we made sure that we had our invitations to the upcoming party secured. Made some arrangements to sneak weapons in and set about to investigate Danzig Crowfellow.

Unfortunately, along the way we were ambushed in the streets by some undead, the origin of which we did not now at the time, but, would discover later.

We showed up at Danzig’s house with a partial plan in mind and were putting one together when the guano hit the fan. Needless to say the best laid plans and all that. We did eventually get in altogether and discover a secret lab/altar where it was evident to us Danzig had been conducting some fairly atrocious experiments into death, decay, and the reanimating of corpses.

We left the house via a secret passage which ended at an apparently abandoned home and had a rest in the attic keeping careful watch on the streets around the house. Unfortunately, as appears the norm on our current endeavours our rest was interrupted by a large undead creature.

We managed to destroy it with our usual aplomb and spent the remainder of days resting and preparing for the ball.



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