The Hidden Hand

Session 47

_From the Chronicles of Athon Bewick
So, the time had finally come.

All of the little investigations, all of the slinking around the city, the excursions to fight eveil, it had all boiled down to this one night. The night of the grand ball.

We’d secured costumes and suitable attire before hand but we still had the problem of sneaking our weapons in, this was slightly easier for me as the Narselkin I carried would shrink down to the size of a dagger but in the end we all came up with suitably inventive ways of carrying our steel passed the assembled hordes of guards around the palace.

Upon entering the main hall I think we were all suitable impressed by the grandeur of it, rarely had we seen such size and scale! The Ball was well underway when we got there and at the far end was Duke Porteous, flanked by Danzig Crowfellow and Count Brass. Cautiously and as surreptitiously as I could I started to make my way to the far end, out of the corner of my eye I saw my comraded start to the same thing. I was passing the really rather well stocked buffet table when an individual caught my eye, he was in full costume but wasn’t eating or drinking or making merry. With the little hairs on the back of my neck suddenly rising, I quickly grabbed a couple of wine glasses from a passing waitress and approcached the individual with an air of merriment. No matter what I did, he would not engage with me. I suddenly became aware of other similarly dressed individuals, before I could say or do anything more, they suddenly moved towards the Duke and the inevitable fight began. As soon as both ourselves and the clockwork soldiers drew our weapons the crows went wild with panic, they would prove to be a hindrance as the clockworkers would cut them down if in their way whereas we had to duck and weave.

We engaged the enemy and scored some early success, so much so that the Duke (still beleiving them to be his allies) allowed himself to be ushered out of the room down a side corridor by Count Brass and Crowfellow. Delamor saw this and immediately disengaged from the fight to pursue, Glame moved to assist but I was fighting two at the same time so was unable to follow. It would later transpire that when confronted, Count Brass used some kind of magic to disappear leaving Crowfellow behind who was then knocked unconscious by the Duke himself when his treachery became evident.

Back in the main hall, the fight was going slowly and heavily, we had knocked out some of the Clockwork people and Belgarath made some timely interventions. Delamor and Glame returned to the fight and we carried on the brutal work. Out of the corner of my eye I suddenly say some of the guard enter via the main door at the other end of the hall, hooded figures suddenly appeared on the balconies overhead, was this to be the end after all we had fought for? Well dear reader, as you are reading this then you already know the answer. The guards were led by an ally and the hooded figures were part of the same ‘shadowy’ organisation as Gerard.

Once again, we prevailed through to the end and turned to face the new arrivals.



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