The Hidden Hand

Session 49

From the chronicles of Athon Bewick

Like a summer breeze in the autumn, the adulation and praise we enjoyed in those few days after the “battle of the ball” soon began to fade. We were bought fewer rounds of drinks and the best taverns suddenly weren’t as able to find us a table as they once were. We were getting restless ourselves and soon found the need to begin the chase once again, Devlin had got away and there was still some scores that required settling. We had been granted the use of. He skyshp that had crashed into the roof of the ballroom, there was a lot of damage but it was mostly superficial that a few days in a dock could easily fix. The group decided that we would use this vessel to continue the pursuit but firstly we needed a captain and crew. Remembering our first venture in a sky vessel, I approached the first officer of that ship, her name Oladahn. She saw through my initial ploy of saying we wanted to become merchants and that we were really after higher priorities. She agreed to captain the vessel in exchange for what I thought was a higher than normal fee. I left the task of finding some cargo to Garrard and wished I hadn’t. After systematically angering every major merchant in the area we found ourselves with no cargo to carry, using his contacts, we soon had some cargo but I think there was some question as to it’s legality. Everything assembled and all aboard, we revealed the name of the new ship, in a nod of the hat to my Swordmage tutor, I had christened the vessel “Stormherald”.

The trip to Cormyr was initially uneventful for the first few days but a plume of smoke and strange flashes of magic on the horizon vaguely in the direction we think Devlin may have gone (thanks for Gregg’s scrying device), I asked the captain to steer the ship vaguely in the direction, she wasn’t happy about it but she agreed. Upon metering the area we saw the wreckage of another skyship below us, we lowered down and the company disembarked to examine the area. After a few minutes it became clear that this was indeed Devlin’s skyship and that it had been downed by a dragon. I waved the Stormherald away and the captain promised to deliver her cargo and then return to look for us.

Moving on we came across a body, it’s throat slashed and the remains of a makeshift camp, the tracks led further into the mountains where the weather would only make it harder for any ill-equipped party. We came into a box canyon and saw another body but something about the area concerned us, Garrard led the way but soon found himself surrounded by strange creatures, I was able to take his place and took the fight to the enemy. Some of the stones in the area came to life and if not careful you could find yourself being dragged towards them. At one stage, a copy of myself emerged from the ground and actually attacked me, It was soon dispatched but that was definitely one of the stranger experiences on that trip. Garrard was not having a good time as he had been injured quite badly but we pressed on and came across what seemed to be another of Devlin’s men being attacked by small vicious goblin like creatures. In the distance we saw our quarry, Devlin climbing a cliff face, he got to the top, looked at us and grinned. His man who had been under attack looked at us and shouted he could handle himself and that we should handle what was coming. As he said that, I heard the beat of the wings and felt the wind get up as we turned and looked as a golden dragon landed and roared at us.



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