The Hidden Hand

Session 5

Finding A Cure

Dear Father,

Things are progressing out here in the wilds. We recently managed to put a local extortion ring out of business (at least for now). Why is it that so many that call themselves rogue lack the finesse you have in abundance? Perhaps that finesse and Mother’s influence is what kept me from slipping down the same path as many of the others. Anyway, to catch you up on what we have been up to as of late. After smashing the extortion ring we discovered that one of their number had sent beasts to attack Lady Moonfire and her sister. We were told of a druid to the north that would be able to provide an antidote for the poison they were suffering with so agreed to set out to find him. We were lent horses by the local stablemaster and set off for the grove.

We made it to the Druid’s grove without incident only to discover that someone had poisoned his water source and beat him nearly to death. Aradon, Belgarath, and I did what we could to stabilise him and it was decided we would try again in the morning. Watches were set out with Aradon and I watching over the druid while another member of our group kept a general watch.

Someone or something returned in the night to dose the pond with even more poisons and succeeded in doing so before Aradon spotted them retreating and went out after them. Unfortunately, he chose to use the window instead of the door and therefore did not enjoy much success. We seemed to have scared whoever it was off (or simply didn’t seem threatening enough to deal with at the time).

Belgarath decided that it would be best to try and keep watch in the form of an animal and quickly wild shaped into a Black Panther. Although, I was impressed with the transformation I held in the urge to explain that to the best of my knowledge the panther was more a jungle animal than one of the forest. Either way, he was able to enjoy using a new found ability and we were able to rest the remaining hours without interruption.

The next morning we took the druid and as many of his herbs, reagents, and equipment as possible back to Loudwater.

Eventually, we managed to work with the local priests, the druid, and the wizard to ensure the Ladies survived their ordeal. It was then onto the matter of what to do next. I thought it would be good to help ensure that the area around the sacred grove did not become anymore corrupted but, was outvoted by the others who thought we’d have more success in the long run if we tracked down Loudwater’s missing apothecary. I suggested that the wizard may have some kind of divination ability but, he made it quite clear that he did not and the only place to attempt gaining that sort of knowledge was in western Netheril in a place called Spellguard. We decided in this case to take the path less well travelled in the hopes of either an easier or more interesting path (depending on how you choose to look at it).

After some haggling we managed to get the local stables to sell us some horses and a cart. How quickly their gratitude for saving their business seemed to fade as even getting the little bit of a discount we did was as painful as when you removed that rotten tooth when I was 5.

Again our travels were proving quite uneventful until we were accosted by foul undead creatures. Decrepit skeletons with longbows and others that looked a cross between skeleton and zombie appeared led by a wight.

It was not an easy battle. Belgarath became so dazed for a few moments that he insisted that he was dieing and would fall off his horse in short order. Thankfully, Gregg was able to convince him that it was but a flesh wound and not only was he not going to die but, that he should fight on like the valiant warrior he is. Zyanne was not so lucky though and did fall to the creatures. I managed to get to her, avoiding the opportunistic attacks of the enemy along the way and with the power of prayer helped her to her feet to continue the battle.

After the group finished off the enemy Gregg and I set about reburying the corpses. Doing our best to make sure the correct body parts went into the appropriately marked grave. We travelled on for a bit and made camp just off the road making sure we had line of sight to the road but, that passers by would not have line of sight on us. Belgarath than used something called Explorer’s Fire to make a campfire which will provide us with all the heat we need without giving away our position.

Sincerely and Faithfully,


Mermorable Moments:

- The great horse throwing debate
- The Bar fight @ Trip
- Gregg epic killing ability of natural 20’s
- Aradon hitting with a Daily and doing something useful (hammer and anvil and that other one)

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