The Hidden Hand

Session 50

“I still don’t understand what one of these [i]boxing canyons[/i] is” a nasally voice complained. The voice belonged to an equally nasally looking individual, and it would be hard to imagine someone more epitomising the term guttersnipe. He definitely looked out of place in the grand drinking hall the group found themselves in.

“It’s a BOX canyon you halfwit, and it’s like one of your dead end alleys, only made of stone not brick and mortar.” This form a heavyset dwarf further down the bar, nursing a truly massive stein of beer

“That’s about the size of it” Garrad said placatingly, nodding to the Dwarf before turning back to his lifelong friend Skitch, the aforementioned guttersnipe, and continuing. “You don’t wanna get caught down the end of a box canyon when you’re on the run, just like a dead end alley”

“But you did, didntchya? Skitch interupted

“Well, yes, but we were chasing someone at the time, so we didn;t really have a chioce”

“Devlin” the Dwarf growled menacingly before finishing his stein and gesturing for another

“Devlin, right” garrad confirmed “We’d found his airship crashed outside of Cormyr and were tracking him through the mountains when we got to this box canyon and found one of his men being attacked by gobbos….”

Everyone in the party paused and turned expectantly to the Dwarf at the mention of goblins. After a moment he looks up

“whaaat” Just because I’m a Dwarf I’m supposed to hate goblins? Gots nothing against ‘em. They make fine trackers ‘nd wilderness guides”

With a small shrug, Garrad continued. “So, yah. One of Devlin’s men, surrounded by gobboes. Simple enough, right? Only he shouts that a dragon’s coming as well. Now, we don’t want this guy dead till we cn have words with him, so we start laying into the gobboes. Some of ‘em have these spears with something nasty on the end, and others have bows, but we’re making good work of ‘em when, right on cue, a goddsdamned dragon lands right next to Gregg and takes a bit outta his arse. Course, Gregg ain’t happy about this and turns right round and lays into him in return

“This is gonna be another of these “you killin’ it with a thousand daggers” stories, ain’t it?” Snitch interupted

“aaactually” garrad said, looking slightly embarrassed “There were still a couple of the gobboes left when the dragon landed, and everyone else kinda got distracted by it….and you know you don’t want anyone with a poisoned spear sneaking up on you when you’re facing a dragon, so I took care of ‘em. By the time I’d finished them off though…..the dragon was kinda dead…”

“so, you didn’t hactually fight a dragon, hactually at all?”

“Shut up Skitch. So anyway, Dragon and gobboes dead, we turn and ask the Pixie where the hells it’d come from”

“Thought you said he was a man, not a Pixie”

“Ohh, right, yah, forgot to mention. This Pixie jumped outta Delmore’s backpack mid fight and started helping us. Musta been the godawful stink of them that woke her up. Anyway, turns out, she’d been on the airship from before we took ownership, kinda aprisoner or mascot, and had hid during the fight. Figured anyone who’d kill her captors was good enough in her book and decided to tag along with us”

“So, we talk to the man, and I don’t even need to break a single finger before he tells us where his boss had hightailed to, which turned out to be into a cave mouth in the canyon wall. We follow, me sneaking ahead, and I spot a large group of minotaurs, going at each other like the planes were ending. They’re frothing at the mouths, and their eyes are [i]wide[/i] open and bloodshot, and there’s this strange red mist in the room. It’s pretty obvious that the red mist is making them fight each other, and I’ll give you one guess who probably set it off in there, so I sneak back to tell the group what’s what.”

“Delamore gets the wrong end of the stick though, and marches in intending to ally us with one faction or the other against Devlin. Problem is that they’re all drug crazed and one side’s just finished wiping out all the others. These’re minotaurs, so Delamore gets flattened by 3 of ‘em at once and we’re in another fight. It’s not too hard in the end; those minotaurs are already beat up from just before, and they’re kinda siwngin’ crazy from the gas, so we finish them off quickly. We’re all beaten up pretty badly by that point, and it was getting to evening time, so we decided to bed down for the night there.”

Garrad was about to continue when there was a loud crack of splintering barstool an incoherant yell, and a streak of dirty brown as another of his party, a halfling this time, launched himself into a group of adventurers next table over, flailing about madly with his broken off bar stool leg.

“Looks like the midget’s started another barfight” The dwarf said, draining his stain again. “we should probably move on, the proprietors don’t look kindly to damaging the fixtures”. He cracked his nuckles and shifted his shoulders “Course, we’ve a group of people to educate in the proper ways of addressing our little friend first though…”


nice one

Session 50

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