The Hidden Hand

Session 51

During Athon’s watch he heard a noise coming from the main cavern where the bodies of the minotaurs were piled up.
Trying to be stealthy he approach the doorway from where the party was resting, to see a smaller Minotaur he must of been the runt.
After waking Gregg for his turn of the watch he was interesting in what this Minotaur saw if he knew what Devlin was up to, so he left some of his rations in the middle of the room but heard nothing for the rest of his watch.

The group was ready to continue searching the rest of the halls starting with the right corridor where they found 2 dead minotaurs which Garrad determined they died from the poison from a trap up ahead.
Which he managed to lift up a flag stone and disarmed the trap so we could pass safely through to the next room which had a small chest left in the centre of the square room.

Sensing Devlin could have been here before us Garrad took more caution this time disabling another trap which would of cause some nasty burns had he failed.

The other passage lead down to a set of stair and after a short while Athon had lead us to a T junction with a hole blown through the wall. The disc map point ahead this must have been the way Devlin had gone through.

The passage was more structured and look to be Dwarfen made.

We found an underground lake with a boat and a pulley rope.
Ivy flew across to see if the rope was secure for us to travel over.
Delamor and Garrad set off in the boat first making it across with no problems.

Athon and Gregg pulled the boat back across but something in the water was different a darker shade then the surrounding water.
Gregg lifted up the boat to find a severed Minotaur head lashed to the bottom.
Un tieing the rope and getting a firm grip on the head Gregg heaved it into the middle of the lake assuming something lived here.
The head splashed down and nothing happened.

Athon and Gregg got in the boat and pulling themselves across, Athon noticed air bubbles racing towards us.

4 Kuatuar leaped up out the water and onto the other side of the lake next to Garrad, Ivy and Delamor.
Garrad quick reaction took one out with a slash to the throat while another throws and net laced with spikes.

Gregg gets pulled in by one in the water but as Gregg fell in he hit the Kuatuar.
2 Kuatuar climbed up into the boat and Athon unleashed a fiery blast killing two in the back of the boat before he is stuck with a trident and caught in a net.

Garrad meanwhile kills another and bloodies a 2nd.

Kuatuar channels a fork lightening spell towards Athon and Gregg but also catching his friend in the water. Athon and Gregg Team up to take the last one down on the boat.

As the last one on the boat falls Trapspringer can be seen on the edge of the lake he must of gotta lost when we came through the hole in the wall.
Trapspringer jumps into the water not knowing what was lying in wait for us.

After Athon kills another it the rest submerge back into the water.

Athon helps Gregg and Trapspringer back into the boat and they cross to the other side.

After a short rest Trapspringer found a small hole in the wall which he decided to investigate crawling in a few feet only to find himself plummet down a trap hole with spikes at the bottom.
Ivy flew down and sprinkled some dust over Trapspringer before the spike floor fell apart revealing a much large hole. Trapspringer flew out of the hole just before the dust ran out, gripping the edge of the hole delayer pulled him up and helped him cross the hole.
At the bottom of the corridor we saw some light pouring in, as we reached the end of the corridor, We looked out to see a large ancient city with several large obelisks and lots of statues of Kuatuar and in the centre and temple which looked like a large Kraken.

Gregg’s map point forward towards the main temple



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