The Hidden Hand

Session XX

From the chronicles of Athon Bewick

We had defeated the two dragons who would have taken the Narselkin from us and as we stood there, weary from the battle we actually began to think we might have done it. The third Narselkin was ours! Garrard had found it and took hold as it was already in the form of a dagger and as that was his weapon of choice..

The room yielded a few other treasures and as we were dusting ourselves down, the bloodied soldier we had encountered came back into the room and was immediately drawn to Garrard or rather to what he was now holding. Immediately suspicious I moved around the room with the soldiers back to me, ready to summon my sword to my hand. Before I could do so, we found surrounded my ghostly beings looking like miniature Beholders, silent and seemingly ghostlike we had all missed the obvious. This reality was only confirmed when the seeming injured soldier suddenly shed his “armour” and trandformed into some nether demon who had been paid to retrieve the Narselkin from our corpses. As tired as we were, suddenly we found ourselves in another pitched fight. Gerrard and Delamor engaged the demon whilst Ivy caused havoc with the ghostly Beholders surrounding us. I became massivley frustrated as time and again my blows failed to land. The ghosts were dealt with quickly, falling into mists that would circle the room.

The Demon, so eager in his task was dispatched with Gerrard daggers moving so quickly that at one stage I thought they were beginning to blur before my eyes. Once again, another enemy defeated, only then did we notice the mists coalescing in the centre of the room, as we watched, half in bemusement, half in fear, we suddenly had a full sized Beholder to deal with, albeit still of a ghostly nature as the others had been.

This Beholder also tried to influence members of our party as we surrounded and engaged it but seemingly to little effect. The Beholder also had a profound effect on me, I had not had much influence in the previous battle but against this for I rained down mighty blow after mighty blow, striking the creature one way and then the other. Eventually the Beholder tried to flea and due to it’s spiritual nature it passed through a wall eluding our final blow. This battle was at last over..

Myself, Ivy and Gerrard all came together with our respective Narselkin artifacts, my sword, Ivy’s staff and Gerrard’s new dagger. Bringing them together they glowed with power and seemed to take on a new shine all by themselves. We had accomplished what some had thought impossible and we were all the mightier for it. Suddenly, that first visit to Loudwater, Captain Harrowleaf and Lady Moonfire all seemed a very long time ago.

The trail leading back out of the mountains was uneventful, I was keen to return to Cormyr and check on the Stormherald but as we descended from the mountains we saw a troop of Cormyrian soldiers moving to greet us. They had been sent to find us, the king had been murdered and our friend, Aradon Thrall was being held for it.



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