Belgarath the Arcane Shadow

Belagarth is a growing sorceror looking to establish his own School of Magic


The new Belgarath kept pretty much as i remember except some feats been changed and powers:-

Belgarath the Arcane
Level 11 Sorceror Male Human Age 25 Ht: 6ft Wt: 200lbs

AC 22, Fort 20, Ref 19, Will 24 Hip Points: 84
STR 17, Con 12, Dex 15, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 21
Surges 7 Surge Vale 21 Init: +7 Speed: 6 Passive Insight 15 Passive Perception 15

Trained: Arcana +10, Bluff +15, Diplomacy +15, History +12, Intimidate +15, Stealth +12, Thievery +12

Toughness, Versatile Expertise, Sneak of Shadows, Armor Proficiency leather, Twilight Adept, Battle Caster Defense, Light Blade Expertise, Implement Expertise Staff

At Will: Burning Spray, Energy Strobe, Lightning Strike,
Encounter: Mists of Disarray, Ice Dragon’s Teeth, Swirling Stars, Celestial Sigil
Utility: Dragonflame mantle, Narrow Escape, Chaotic Defense
Daily: Howling tempest, Sun’s Illumination, Howling Hurricane

+2 Staff of Storms, +2 Sunleaf Leather Armor, +1 Amulet of Health, +1 Duelist’s Dagger, Bracers of Defense
Adventurers Kit, Several pouches, Grappling hook, Thieves toolkit, Footpads, Disguise kit, Blowgun, Blowgun Needles x10
Money: 300gps


Belgarath is from the Windrise Ports he started out learning his magic as a child abandoned when his master went off on travels and was never heard from again.
He has always possessed something special in the magical arts from birth and basically self taught by reading manuals, tomes and spellbooks as he grew up through his teens, when he reached the age of 16 he decided to start travelling and developing his wizard skills before switching to the arts of sorcery a few years later.

He met his current friends and compatriots and became a member of the Company of the Purple Eclipse, and values the friendship he has with Delamor, Athon, Garrad and Gregg, while on their recent adventures he met a sage called Gilthen who possesses much knowledge. Belgarath has been working on the idea of setting up his own School of Magic, and has decided to spend some time studying with Gilthen and at the same time looking for those who possess magical skills so he can recruit them to his school of magic which will be known as “School of Moon”.

Belgarath did not want a big goodbye with his compatriots so has decided to leave a note for Athon to explain where he must go and what he must do, and he has called upon his younger sister Polgara the Ranger to come and take his place in the team of his friends and look after his affairs within the group.

While the group have been adventuring to the Moonshae Islands, Belgarath has been busy reading books on the magical arts, developing his sorcery skills and talking with Gilthen.
Belgarath has been looking for students who possess the magical skills or a sense of development and can be taught to a high degree, he has recruited one 17 year old female called Nithander who has shown an ability to use sorcery and is very intelligent, he has spent much time with her starting her on the road of sorcery.
After spedning time with Gilthen, belgarath became friendly with the local Thieves Guild “Guild of Golden Fleece” and helped them with one or two small matters which in return was paid with him learning some of the skills and abilities that are used by the rogues.

Belgarath has now left Gilthen to rejoin his friends, and has sent Nithander to meet Polgara and for them to travel onwards to Spellguard to help with rebuilding and establishing his School and helping govern and develop the Wizards and Alchemists there. Meanwhile Belgarath will start again with more adventures and hunt down Devlin and ultimately Diker Thain.

Belgarath the Arcane Shadow

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