Polgara the Ranger

Polgara is a primarily a Wizard who added Ranger qualities to her persona.


Level 11 Wizard/Ranger Hybrid
Paragon: Spellguard Wizard
Human Age 25, Ht: 5ft 1ins, Wt: 100lbs, Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Blue

AC 24, Init: +8, Defenses: 19 For, 23 Ref, 18 Will, Senses: 15 Passive Insight, 22 Passive Perception
Hit Pts: 76
Feats: Action Surge, Lethal hunter, Armor Proficiency Leather, Far Shot, Two Weapon Fighting, Melee Training Intelligence, Arcane Familiar(Falcon), Hybrid Talent, Toughness

Skills: +8 Acrobatics, +15 Arcana, +7 Athletics, +5 Bluff, +5 Diplomacy, +5 Dungeoneering, +7 Endurance, +5 Heal, +15 History, +5 Insight, +5 Intimidate, +12 Nature, +12 Perception, +10 Religion, +13 Stealth, +5 Streetwise, +8 Thievery

+13 Staff of War Mage +1
+11 Magic Missile – Staff of War Mage

Lightning Longsword +1, Staff of war Mage +1, Leather Armor Resistance +2, Bracers of Barrage, Amulet of Health +1, Potion of Healing x 4, Versatile Spellbook, Bag of Holding, Adventurers Kit, Spellbook, Shortbow, Quiver 24 arrows, Pouch of Grenades (made by Belgarath)

At Will: Magic Missile, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigation, Thunderwave, Hunters Quarry, Twin Strike
Encounter: Plant to hilt, Shock Sphere, Lightning Bolt, Spellguard Force Lash
Daily: Sleep, Two Wolf Pounce, Lightning Serpent
Utility: Begin the Hunt, Wizards Escape, Mass Resistance


Polgara started life not knowing her parents, or if she had any relations when she was young she noticed she had a mark of a Hawk on her right upper arm and that when she concentrated she was able to manipulate energy and the hawk would glow on her arm as she unleashed this energy.
She then began to read books and tomes about magic, spell casting and controlling the magical energies around her, in her late teens while studying at a library in the Windrise Ports she discovered by chance that she was related to a local man who had been seen using magical energies.

She tracked down this man and they arranged a meeting discussing certain magical knowledge and local things and discovered that she was the younger sister of Belgarath who is a Sorceror, she spent the next couple of years studying with Belgarath and studying texts on magic and knowledge of arcana. When she turned 18 she decided to adventure and met a young man called Rohanne who was a Ranger and for two years they adventured together working as a team and falling in love.
One day while out adventuring they were surprised by a band of orc hunters, knowing they would both not survive, Rohanne told Polgara to flee, she regrettably ran for her life and then looked back and saw her love be cut down by these orcs. She was able to escape with use of skills she learnt from Rohanne.

From this day on she has vowed to continued learning the skills of the Ranger alongside her Wizardry and remember her beloved Rohanne, she spent a few years hiding away studying her magic and developing her Ranger skills then she decided to search for her brother Belgarath. After sometime she found him and they agreed to keep in contact and work on building a school of magic.
Recently she received word from Belgarath to come and take his place within the group of friends known as the “The Group of the Purple Eclipse”, as he needs to go and study with a man called Gilthen. Without haste Polgara has travelled to meet the group and take her brother’s place and is excited to meet the new people she will adventure with.

So far Polgara has enjoyed the adventuring with the Company of the Purple Eclipse, apart from setting fire to the skyship when dabbling with her fire based spells she feels she has been accepted by the party. Now making plans through her profession she is hoping to continue proving her value to the party. She has certain qualities which make her carefree at times, and likes to get straight into a fight and firing her magic to ward enemies away form her, this can lead her to getting into some troublesome situations.

Recently she nearly died while travelling with the Company of the Purple Eclipse by rushing into a dangerous situation which backfired and almost cost her life, but she was thankful to Athon and Boltagar. Polgara has decided that her future lies working within the area of Spellguard as one of the Spellguard Wizards and will hastily be returning to Spellguard to help with the work that is needed there, but she will adventure once more again with her friends in the future. She will leave the party as soon as possible to pursue her calling in the world of wizardry.

Polgara the Ranger

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