Lady Moonfire – Mayor of Loudwater, socialite and enthusiastic would-be adventurer. A half-elven warlock once poisoned by agents of Diker Thane, and saved from this and many other dangers by the party.

Captain Harrowleaf – Head of the Loudwater town guard. Suspicious of just about everyone.

Curuvar – local wizard and big-head. Carries a staff atop which a fosillised raven-head sits. Smokes his pipe a lot and spends many evenings sipping ale in the Green Tankard Inn.

Belios – druid from the High Forest to the north, attacked by Broshan.

Calla Maran – owns the general store in Loudwater. Refused to pay the extortion demands and collected donations of gratitude for the party after they broke the criminal ring.

Garwan – runs the curiosity shop in Loudwater.

Brother Allendi – head of the order that resides in the Monastery of the Precipice. An old friend of Curuvar.

Thurr Gargengrim – dwarf merchant who trades with the Monastery of the Precipice, ferrying supplies in return for whiskey brewed by the monks. Hired the party to protect his latest caravan. Travelled with the two mages hired by Delamor to the outskirts of Wheloon, and now probably owes the party a favour.

Gilthan – a scholar residing in Baldur’s Gate. Possessed of much information regarding Diker Thane and a general font of knowledge.

Bowgentle – the Waterdeep ambassador in Baldur’s Gate and a possible drunkard. Possibly blackmailed by Devlin and disgraced, now trying to stay sober after an intervention by Delamor.

Yisselda – attache to the Waterdeep ambassador and friend to the party.

Blacke and Whyte – Wizards now working for the Company of the Purple Eclipse

K1 & K2 – Kobolds currently serving the Company of the Purple Eclipse in the Grey Vale


Devlin – loud and over-friendly adventurer who leads the Company Of The Free Crescent. Encountered underneath Spellgard. Now classified as an enemy, after his attempt to kidnap/murder/rob Belgarath and some unkind mocking laughter. Fond of leaving sinister notes in the pockets of the party. The subject of many complimentary songs much in vogue at the moment. Very popular in Baldur’s Gate. Possibly now after the Narselkin on the Moonshae Isles.

Zark – highly untrustworthy dwarf, nephew of Garwan and intended recipient of the chest of illegal tibor leaves the party were duped into bringing into Loudwater. Denied all knowledge of the chest’s contents and skipped town shortly thereafter. The tibor leaf smuggling business has been linked to a bandit camp to the north-east in a letter from Diker Thane to the Lady of Shadows. The camp turned out to be populated by bandits and a lizardman cultist, apparently expanding their drug smuggling business into the exciting new arena of child-slavery, with the cargo destined for an unspcified location in the south. A beholder was also present in the camp, and was likely taking a portion of the children as a sacrifice. Zark’s relationship to the beholder is unknown. Zark is currently missing.

Lady of Shadows – mysterious and magical being at the head of Loudwater’s criminal underworld. Apparently in the employ of Diker Thane, though both seem to answer to a higher power. Now deceased.

Broshan – apothecarist, now missing from town after behaving most suspiciously. Possibly connected to the Lady of Shadows, and definitely missing lots of inventory after Delamor ‘donated’ it to the Temple of Silvanus in his absence. Attacked the party with a force of drakes and stirges on the way to Spellgard, and was slain in the ensuing battle. An agent of Diker Thane.

Diker Thane – behind the extortion racket in Loudwater, though mention has been made of his ‘master’. Vague mentions of his death several hundred years ago appear to be mistaken. Little definite information about him has been found, but he was connected with the kingdom of Netheril when he was alive, and a great and powerful mage in his own right. Occupies an earthmote that floats about the land at his command. Now known to be a lich in the service of Szass Tamm, and vulnerable only to the blades called the Narselkin. Harries the party at every opportunity, and has hired many servants to assassinate them.

Sancossug – High Shaman of the Ogre King, sent his minions to attack Loudwater after Curuvar stole a sacred relic, and is now deceased at the hands of the party.

Thorvan – mentioned in a letter from Diker Thane to Broshan, and is connected to some ‘work’ in the ruins of Spellgard. Ephram mentioned that he entered the Sceptre Tower through the catacombs. Captured by the party, but died in an apparent suicide shortly after. Deceived into helping Diker under the mistaken assumption that he was doing the bidding of the Shade Princes of Netheril.

Thurlow ‘Needles’ Johnson – leader of a rebellion within the Thieves Guild, hired by someone (possibly Devlin) to subvert the Thieves Guild from within. Part of a wider plot in Baldur’s Gate. Now dead, after interrogation by The Cat grew pointed.

Barthus – vampire lord who rules over Spellgard’s catacombs. Fond of dominating those foolish enough to enter his domain. Also likes counting. Currently deceased, but more so than usual.

Draven – a dragon who holds one of the Narselkin in his horde. Apparently residing somewhere in the mountains in the north of Cormyr.

Neutral Parties and Notable Artifacts

Huliam D’Averc – captain of the Sword of Dawn, the airship that carried the party to the Moonshae Isles. None too pleased to find his boat under attack by enemies of the party.

Kalmo Darano – master of the hounds of the Darano clan. Captured by the party and ‘convinced’ to lead them to his clan leader. Now headed for the Wealdath Forest on a pilgrimage.

Ephram Darano – patriach of the Darano clan. Now headed for the Wealdath Forest on a pilgrimage to cure the curse affecting his clan.

Lady Saharel – the mysterious ghost with prophetic powers who is said to haunt the ruins of the Sceptre Tower in Spellgard.

The Narselkin – three swords forged on the orders of Diker Thane’s father. Apparently the only weapons that can kill the lich.

The Orb of Light – a strange orb, about the size of an ostrich egg, that glows with a white light. Seized by Delamor and the subject of much of his attention thereafter.

The Cat – a mysterious figure at the head of the Thieves Guild. Currently consolidating her power after a civil war with ‘Needles’ Johnson, still anxious to find out how her traitorous lieutenant was being funded.

Menhir – a merchant offering to buy Gregg’s services on a temporary basis for bodyguarding work.

The Flaming Fist – the police and standing army of Baldur’s Gate. There is evidence that some members are not entirely honest.

Mandorcai – a missing merchant and scholar. Found dead in his mansion, killed by a mechanical being of undetermined origin.

Irsei – a missing gnome genius of engineering and mechanical wonders. Apparently responsible for the creation of several highly dangerous mechanical creatures, one of which seems to have been responsible for the death of Mandorcai.

Count Brass – a powerful local noble. Many rumours seem to surround this man, and hints of a coup in the city of Baldur’s Gate seem to swirl around him.


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