The Hidden Hand

Session 31.5

Marauding out of town gang terrorizes baldur's gate!

Chad Weaverson, reporting for the ’gate gazette.

Late yesterday, one of the many groups of out of town gangs assaulted and greviously injured a group of civic minded Baldurs gate citizens. The gang subsuquwntly made off with whatever artifacts they’d pilfered and are still at large.

The gang was found exiting a sealed tomb, presumably after desecrating and looting it, and was attempting to flee the scene when they were stopped by a group of civic minded inividuals. Organised by respected local community leader ‘Fingers’ Johnson, the Baldur’s gate inhabitants almost managed to detain the thieves, but were ultimately unsucesful, due mainly to the extreme brutality employed by the maurauding gang.

“It was horrible”, one of the few surviving citizens said. “The big guy especially just kept hacking and hacking away with that massive meat cleaver of his, laughing all the time. They just didn’t want to stop till we were all dead, it was like a sport to them”

Reports have also placed a local citizen with the gang, and speculation is rife as to the significance of this.

When interviewed later, captain Drogue of the Flaming Fists attempted to downplay the seriousness of the incident, claiming that “incidents like this happen all the time across Baldur’s gate, and are a legacy of the state of affairs from before the Flaming fists took over policing duties”. He went on to add that his organisation could in no way condone this kind of vigilante action, and instead citizens witnissing a gang committing such a crime should “inform your local Flaming Fists officer, whereupon we will bring the full force of our organization against such law breakers”.

While one of the few reported survivors of the masacre, Mr Johnson, is unavailable for interview, it is reported that he is deep in consultation with another local civic leader, the enegmatic woman known only as Cat. Reports indicate that Johnson is preparing to leave Baldurs Gate at the earliest opportunity, and our source indicates that he will be “seeking new opportunities elsewhere….permenantly”

the current location of the pillaging gand is unknown, but sightings have placed them at the air ship docking platforms. Presumably the dastardly brigands are attempting to flee the law and this reported can only hope that the forces of Law catch them before they do.

for editor’s comment, turn overleaf and read column 2



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