Places of Interest

Loudwater – a walled town in the Gray Vale, lately beset by many troubles.

Llorkh – the last town before mountains that seperate the Gary Vale from Netheril.

Spellgard – a mysterious ruin to the east of Loudwater on the the western outskirts of Netheril.

Sceptre Tower – a tower in the centre of the ruins of Spellgard, relatively untouched and in good repair. Now seems to be occupied after a millenia of neglect. Now destroyed after being rammed by Diker Thane’s earthmote.

Stormkeep – a black and apparently doorless building close to Spellgard that no-one has been able to enter for many hundreds of years. Home to many and varied undead.

Netheril – a malevolent empire to the west that is rumoured to be seeking influence beyond its borders.

Baldur’s Gate – one of the most famous cities in the world. A haven of adventure and danger, ceaselessly patrolled by the militia of the Flaming Fist.

Candlekeep – a fortress whose library is one of the most famous in all Faerun. Scholars from all over the world come here to read it’s unique collection of tomes, each paying the entrance fee of one book not presently found within the collection.

Thay – a dark and terrible place, home to Szass Tamm and his legions of undead.

Korinn Isles – archipelago of islands just west of Waterdeep and north of Moonshae. The site Lady Saharel directed Zyanne towards to secure the prosperity of her family.

Wealdath Forest – the destination of the pilgrimage led by Ephram Darano.

Weyloon – Delamor and Aradon’s hometown.

Windrise Ports – Home of Belgarath the Sorceror and Polgara the Ranger

Marsember – the current site of the party’s headquarters.

Underdark – a massive underground kingdom whose deepest reaches are populated by Dark Elves and other creatures of the night.

Moonshae Isles – a series of islands off the west coast of Baldur’s Gate. Giants have apparently taken at least one of them over as their own.

The Wizard’s Tower – a mysterious tower built underneath Baldur’s Gate, accessible through the necropolis in the old city quarter. Guarded by Duergar and other beasts, but apparently ruled over by a powerful undead being.

Places of Interest

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